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We started again on June 3rd with the restaurant reservations.

More than 3 persons must come from a constituted family or be registered at the same address. Please mention this when booking.

Guests who do not come from one household can be served at larger tables, so this does not have to be a problem.

Due to the 1,5 M policy in our restaurant, room reservations with a table have priority. If there is no availability for dinner only, you can consider booking a Room Package
(see our Packages).

Consider coming for lunch on Thursday through Sunday.
Our à la carte menu and menu are the same as in the evening.

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Manoir Inter Scaldes

The Manoir Restaurant Inter Scaldes is named after its magnificent surroundings. Situated in the wide open reclaimed land of the Province of Zeeland, on the narrowest part of Zuid-Beveland between the Oosterschelde and Westerschelde [known as the Scheldt estuaries]. A wealth of traditional trees and plants embellish the beautifully laid out English-style gardens and create a shaded ambiance.

Patron-Cuisinier Jannis Brevet, who was born in Zeeland and is known for his menu which incorporates the influences of Zeeland’s waters. Oosterschelde (seasonal) lobster, oysters, mussels and bass are balanced by all the good things the countryside has to offer such as Zeeland suckling lamb, the famous vegetables Sea fennel and Sea aster and, naturally, cheese and fruits from the reclaimed land in Beveland.

Jannis Brevet gained renown at famous restaurants in the Netherlands and abroad. His idiosyncratic style of cooking, his vision and the exceptional combinations of spices, specialities and recipes have been recorded in the beautiful cookbook Inter Scaldes & Jannis Brevet.